Trafficking in women in China

Quanbao Jiang, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Based on available data and literature, this paper reviewed studies of and investigations into woman trafficking in China . To begin with, the “industrial chain” of human trafficking was analyzed. The analysis indicated that owing to marriage squeeze caused by sex imbalance, the “buyers market” showed a strong demand for trafficking in women. The scale of trafficking is escalating: originally the crime mainly existed in a few provinces but has by far spread to almost every province in China. And human trafficking organizations are showing the characteristics of collectivization and specialization. Although the Chinese government has launched a series of rescue actions, the effort has run into tremendous difficulties due to dilemmas met by the “buyers”, local citizens, grass-roots organizations and the trafficked women. To completely eradicate woman trafficking, the Chinese government has to make long-term efforts in cracking down on the “buyers market” and redressing sex imbalance.

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Presented in Session 45: Gender violence