Migrant fertility in Germany: patterns and impacts

Susanne Schmid, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees
Martin Kohls, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, Germany

This paper gives an overview of the migrant fertility pattern in Germany and presents a theoretical approach for a deeper analysis of the reproductive behaviour of female migrants. In the theoretical part of the paper migrant fertility hypotheses discussed in the literature are commented upon and a "migrant fertility model" conceptualized by the authors is illustrated. The empirical part of the paper starts with comparing fertility patterns of German and foreign women in the former Federal Republic of Germany from 1970 to 2006 based on official statistics. Afterwards the results of migrant fertility analyses based on data of the Statutory Pension Insurance (GRV) as well as on data of the Sample Survey of Selected Migrant Groups in Germany (RAM) are presented. Finally some determinants of migrant fertility are empirically tested.

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Presented in Session 123: Fertility and migration