Comparative analysis of abortion hospitalizations in the public health sector in Mexico City, before and after the legislative change.

Raffaela Schiavon, Ipas
Amanda Navarro, Ministry of Health, Mexico
Patricio Sanhueza, Ministry of Health, Mexico
Gerardo Polo, Ministry of Health, Mexico
Jorge Morales, Ministry of Health, Mexico

All abortion (ICD-10 codes O00 to O08) hospitalizations in Mexico City MOH were analyzed, using official registration system, during the periods January-April 2007 and January-April 2008 (before and after the change of the law). Legal abortions (code Z30.3) were added for analysis in the second period. In January-April 2007, 2,547 hospitalizations due to abortion were registered. In January-April 2008, 3,106 hospitalizations due to abortion were registered plus 1,309 legal abortions. Mean age was 25 and 26 years respectively. D&C was used in 95% of the first group, while MVA was used in 96% of legal abortions. Registered complications were 21.3% and 0% respectively in the two groups. These preliminary data show the importance of analyzing the characteristics of hospitalizations due to abortions in this phase of transition to legalization, to understand women’s demand, behavior and needs, as well as ability of the health system to respond to them.

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Presented in Session 26: Institutional contexts and actors engaged in the practice of abortion in Southern countries