Health situation in Iraq post-2003 invasion

Mohamed M. Ali, World Health Organization (WHO)

The health systems in Iraq have suffered form years of UN Sanctions after the invasion of Kuwait 1990, during this period, mortality rates have increased to unprecedented level compared to the 1980s levels. The Children nutrition status has also deteriorated. Since 2003 the Government of Iraq, with the help of the international community have conducted several health and population surveys to assess the impact of the security problems on the population health and the health care delivery systems. These surveys have provided valuable information to policy makers. Using the Iraq Family Health surveys, the paper will focus on major health outcomes, risk factors, and health system responsiveness with emphasis on regional disparities to highlight the major health problems by localities. The analysis will also examine the main determinants of health outcome and risk factors. The data will also allow an in-depth analysis of out of pocket and catastrophic health expenditure.

Presented in Session 70: Demography and conflicts in the Arab world