Depopulation in the Baltic states

Peteris Zvidrins, University of Latvia

The aim of this paper is to characterize the dynamics of population growth in the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and analyze determinants of population decline. The Baltic States since 1990 have one of the highest population loss indicators in the world. All Baltic States stands out among other countries with rather low fertility rate and high level of ageing. A significant number of Baltic people leave in search of work in other countries, decreasing the potential of the local workforce. The scenarious of depopulation still prevail in the coming two decades, and the speed of depopulation will be among highest in the world. All Governments in the Baltic States viewed population growth as „too low” and implemented some measures to improve situation. We think that it is necessary to implement more active demographic policy in order to diminish the current crisis situation in the Baltics.

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Presented in Session 139: Depopulation: Trends and the impact of policies