Do men care about reproductive health of their female partners in Bangladesh

Marium U Mutahara, Population Council
Ubaidur Rob, Population Council
Mohammad Masudul Alam, Population Council

To enhance the reproductive health (RH) status of women, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of men must be investigated, especially where women depend on men for the decision to seek health care. Using secondary data behavior in terms of participation of men at the time of maternal health care visits, their perceptions of life-threatening complications related to pregnancy, and participating at the time of child vaccination will be identified and the observed differences in the levels of health care participation will be assessed considering the intensity of exposure both in terms of socio-economic and programmatic factors. Using recently available survey data from Bangladesh, this study will explore changes in the pattern of RH care during the last decade and the extent to which inequalities in access to that care have emerged. In particular, the links between economic conditions and the use of reproductive health care services will be investigated.

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Presented in Session 213: The role of men in reproductive health