Knowledge, opinions and attitudes of ob-gyns on abortion in Latin America

Silvina Ramos, Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad (CEDES)

The paper aims to analyze the evidence about knowledge, opinions and attitudes of Ob-Gyn regarding induced abortion in selected Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil and Mexico). Since Ob-Gyns are the scientific and professional community with a relevant role in the debate, design and application of legal norms and public policies that regulate the abortion practice, and given their social and legal entitlement to act as experts regarding health issues, any strategy aimed at bettering the access to safe abortion needs to address their views on this matter. The analyses show some consistencies as follows: a) opinions are favorable to the abortion practice in situations defined by medical scope; knowledge about current legal norms is more precarious than what should be expected; and c) attitudes are favorable to carry out lawful abortions. The presentation concludes with some remarks regarding future research agenda and inputs for advocacy strategies targeting this professional community.

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Presented in Session 26: Institutional contexts and actors engaged in the practice of abortion in Southern countries