Me, myself and loneliness…: qualitative approach to the single child preference in metropolitan areas of Turkey

Hande Tunckanat, Hacettepe University

Aim of this ongoing study is to explore the reasons of single child preference among women within 25-35 age group who are single-childed and living in metropolitan areas of Turkey. TFR levels for metropolitan areas are significantly lower in contrast to overall Turkey. ASFRs of women aged 25-29 in metropolitan areas of Turkey for 1988 - 2003 periods are following a similar pattern with those aged 25-29 in overall Turkey for 1985 – 1989 periods. Couples in metropolitan areas probably prefer to have one child instead of having two children which is quite similar to the shift that Turkey had experienced between years of 1984 and 1989 from 3.0 births per woman to 2.1. Thus, women aged 25-35 living in metropolitan areas of Turkey; prefer to be single-childed are considered as forerunners. Preliminary results of ongoing in-depth interviews emphasize key words that are presented by the idea of second demographic transition.

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Presented in Session 205: High fertility societies