Socio-economic effects of international migration in the eastern part of the Arab world, 1990-2008 Jordan as a case study

Fathi Arouri, Jordan University

International migration was and still is one of the most important demographic and socio-economic factors affecting the Arab countries in general and the eastern part of the Arab World in particular. Since the early of the 20th century the Arab World has witnessed all types of international migration, including temporary, permanent, circular, regular and irregular migration. At the same time, due to wars and political conflicts in Palestine for the Eastern part of the Arab World and Liberation wars for the Western part of the Arab World, we witnessed refugee problems in the Arab World, especially the problem of Palestinian refugees. Starting from the middle of the 20th century, due to the exploring for Oil some of the Arab World countries witnessed a new type of migration, the labour force migration.

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Presented in Session 81: International migration in the Arab world