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Session 14:
Internal migration and urbanization in the Arab world

Monday, September 28
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Chair: Abdellatif Fadloullah, Union Géographique Marocaine (UNIGEM)

  1. The urban population of Moroccan phosphate mining towns: from normalisation to demographic transitionAbdelaziz Adidi, Institut National d'Aménagement et d'Urbanisme

  2. Internal migration streams in a region neighboring a pole of attraction: Casablanca. Rural out migration and the appearance of return migration streams in the region of Chaouia Ouardigha (Settat)Embarek Bouchehboun, Haut-commissariat au Plan, Morocco

  3. Demographic change and urban dynamics in the region of Souss (South Morocco)Atmane Hnaka, Université Ibn Zohr

  4. Demographic change in a new large city in the south of Morocco: greater AgadirBrahim KIDOU, Laboratoire de Recherches GEAMD, FLSH, Université IBNOU ZOHR

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