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Session 187:
Life course analysis: linked lives in longitudinal perspective

Friday, October 2
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Karam 2

Chair: Eva Lelièvre, Institut National d'Études Démographiques (INED)
Discussant: Valerie Golaz, Institut National d'Études Démographiques (INED)

  1. Trends and contextual dataCatherine Bonvalet, Institut National d'Études Démographiques (INED); Arnaud Bringe, Institut National d'Études Démographiques (INED)

  2. Linking family trajectories and the evolution of educational offers with child schooling and work paths: information from the biographical survey of family and schooling (EFS) in Burkina Faso (2006)Jean-François Kobiané, Université de Ouagadougou; Marc Pilon, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD); Idrissa Ouili, Institut Superieur des Sciences de la Population (ISSP) and Université de Ouagadougou; Madeleine Wayack Pambè, Institut Superieur des Sciences de la Population (ISSP)

  3. Linking lives and shifting contexts: critical reflections on qualitative lifecourse methodologiesCatherine Locke, University of East Anglia; Peter Lloyd-Sherlock, Unversity of East Anglia

  4. When a love story ends, which biographies become relevant?Montse Solsona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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