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Session 23:
Intergenerational transmission of resources and reproductive trajectories (1)

Monday, September 28
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Fès 2B

Chair: Debra Judge, University of Western Australia

  1. Grandparental investment: the influence of reproductive timing and family sizeDavid A Coall, University of Western Australia; Marc Meier, University of Basel; Ralph Hertwig, University of Basel; Michaela Wänke, University of Basel; François Höpflinger, University of Zürich

  2. Sharing among sons: resource-dependant sibling competition for reproduction and inheritance among the Arsi OromoMhairi Gibson, University of Bristol

  3. Intra-family exchange and Europe’s low fertilityRobert G. White, University of Wisconsin at Madison; Laura Bernardi, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research and Université de Lausanne

  4. The co-evolution of the ageing process, lifespan, and intergenerational transfersHillard S. Kaplan, University of New Mexico; Michael D. Gurven, University of California, Santa Barbara; Jeff Winking, University of New Mexico; Paul Hooper, University of New Mexico; Jon Stieglitz, University of New Mexico; Katherine Hinde, University of California, Santa Barbara; Daniel Eid R, Universidad Mayor San Simon, Bolivia

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