Utilization of maternal and child health care services among Muslims: a micro study in India

Tayyaba Shaikh, University Of Pune
Khairkar P Vijaya, University Of Pune

Despite major improvements in last 30 years in health system of India, lives continue to be lost to early childhood illness, inadequate newborn care and childbirth related causes. There is a wide gap in the utilization of MCH services among Muslims. Certain sections of population are poor and unaware, so could not get the exiting medical care facility. Women's relatively low status particularly among Muslims and risks associated with reproduction exacerbate what is already unfavorable overall health situation. Present study aims to analyze inequalities among Muslims in the use of MCH services. It has been found that proportion of women who had received antenatal check-ups from doctor increased steadily with education and standard of living, but among Muslim women received very less antenatal check-ups. Welfare state must include right of every baby to be given an equal chance to live with minimum standard of life for the progress of community.

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Presented in Poster Session 1: Reproductive health, HIV-AIDS, poverty and gender