Maternal health care utilization in India: role of surface road networks

Khupchawng Lalmalsawmzauva, North-Eastern Hill University

Geographical diversity in India has been important factor in differentiating diffusion of developmental forces over space. Accessibility in this context plays a vital role in the utilization of reproductive health care. Geographical barriers like mountainous terrain or poor road conditions lead to poor utilization of maternal health care services. The present paper examines the role of surface road network on maternal health care use in India. By classifying the country into various surface road density zones an attempt has been made to examine the varying impact of accessibility on maternal health in different road density zones. Road networks in the country are denser in the plains of the north while it is moderately dense in the southern plateau region with poor road connectivity characterizing the hills. Based on the data available in NFHS-III(2005-2006)on maternal health in India, this study tests the hypothesis that better road connectivity influence performance of maternal health care utilization.

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Presented in Session 60: Reproductive morbidity