Risk of development of cancer of leading sites in India. A cohort approach

Atul Juneja, National Institute of Research in Medical Statistics (ICMR), India
Tulsi Adhikari, National Institute of Medical Statistics (ICMR)

With demographic transition Cancer is matter of concern in India. The communication attempts to estimate the life time risk of development of cancer of leading sites considering the competing mortality from other causes through the cohort approach. The age specific incidence and mortality data is utilized from reports of National cancer registry program for the year 1999 and the mortality (general) data has been used from SRS for the urban areas of respective states to which population based cancer registries represent. viz. Bangalore Bhopal Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and one rural based registry at Barshi. The life time risk of development of cancer of any site ranged from 8.6% to 6.5% in urban based registries in males where as respective figures for females were 8.3%-10.2% The risks for leading sites have also been worked out . This approach would help policy planners to view the problem in more focussed way .

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Presented in Poster Session 4: Health and ageing