A review of the demographic trends of the Macedonians and Slovenes: a comparative study

Goran Miladinov, Faculty of Economics ,University of Shtip

Focusing on Slovenia and Macedonia, this paper examines the major demographic and social-economic transformations in these regions.It includes comparative data on population size and structure, fertility and its intermediate variables. Comparisons and findings of the demographic situation in both countries, Slovenia and Macedonia, shows that, Slovenia is facing with a long-term decrease of the TFR and in perspective, the aging crisis of its population, with which the number of population older than 60 years of age shall be greater than the number of the working force, a tendency that situates Slovenia closer to the countries from Western Europe. By following the fertility rate in Macedonia for a longer period of time, we can conclude that it has been decreasing continuously.It is important to stress that the decreasing fertility rate in Macedonia ,as in Slovenia started in different periods for different regions, and differs in its intensity.

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Presented in Poster Session 2: Fertility, family and children