International migration and economic development: an analysis of development policies

Sleiman Dr. Rabadi, Birzeit University

This paper argues that demography, socioeconomic factors and governance are among the main factors that have accelerated migration in recent decades. Deficiency in these factors creates motivation for the outflow of people. In order to test the above hypothesis, a multivariate analysis was conducted on a sample of 144 countries to study their characteristics in relation with the above-mentioned factors. By applying a multivariate analysis, countries will be divided into different clusters, each with special characteristics regarding the abovementioned indicators, which could help in defining the needed policies for deficient clusters. Recommendations could then be formulated to improve economic growth and institutional quality on the one hand, and to reduce migration pressures on the other. The results are coherent with the aforesaid analysis and indicate the characteristics of receiving and sending countries that contribute to migration.

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Presented in Poster Session 5: Contexts