Gynaecologists and the abortion issue in Serbia

Mirjana Rasevic, Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade
Katarina Sedlecky, Mother and Child Health Care Institute

Traditional inefficient contraception, incorporated to a large extent in the system of values, has become a natural part of sexual relations in Serbia and represents a rational preventive choice from the individual standpoint. However, when pregnancy is unwanted or cannot be accepted, abortion is used as a resort. For this reason there is a long history of a large number of abortions. Research findings identify several important factors for not accepting modern values in this sphere. Whether gynaecologists contribute to slow transition of birth control from the use of traditional contraception to reliance on modern contraception means and methods in our country? We searched for the answer in the research analyses obtained through two in-depth surveys. Results indicated that a certain number of gynaecologists have not been in line with modern family planning practice. Thus, education and training of gynaecologists stand for priority actions regarding modern contraception promotion in Serbia.

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Presented in Poster Session 1: Reproductive health, HIV-AIDS, poverty and gender