Migration and remittances in Spain, Latin America-Brazil: implications, advantages and disadvantages

Marcelo Vidal

Since the end of last century Spain has been emerging as a new destiny of latin american emigration. Trying to put together all the information to characterize the migration flow, this paper intend to discuss and analyse the remittences issue, its politics implications in Spain, its advantages and disadvantages in Brasil and its region. Data from The Spanish National Statistics Institution among other institutions were used to build a profile of Latin Americans living in Spain. In the other side, the research from Guadalajara University made by Alejandro Canales (Migraci├│n, remesas y desarollo em America Latina: Mitos y realidades), is contrasted to the World Bank report 2006(Global Economic Perspectives: Economic Inplications of Remittances and Migration), to criate analitic base to reinforce the arguments.

Presented in Poster Session 3: Migration, environment and spatial demography