Potential of Migration from the Maghreb to Europe

Susanne Schmid, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

The study aims in obtaining qualitative predictions on future migratory movements from the Maghreb to Europe. Therefore, the demographic, political, economic, social and ecologic development in the regions of origin of potential immigrants are studied. Information from migration and demographic statistics is linked with sociological and political knowledge. Africa is one of the most important regions of origin of migrants coming to Europe. Additionally, the significance of the Maghreb has increased because of growing emigration pressure. Meanwhile the Maghreb acts both as sending and receiving region as well as transit region for migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe. The high levels of population growth, unemployment, socio-economic and demographic pressure in Africa and the ongoing crises in Sub-Sahara Africa might further increase the migration potential in the long term. Therefore, future migration flows between the Maghreb and Europe, as well as the transit routes, will become more significant.

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Presented in Session 93: Europe and the Maghreb: demographic ties. (Association Maghrébine pour l'Etude de la Population & European Association for Population Studies)