The nature of unintended pregnancy in the occupied Palestinian territory

Weeam S Hammoudeh, Institute of Community and Public Health-Birzeit University
Niveen ME. Abu-Rmeileh, Birzeit University

Unintended pregnancy has been the focus of concern in developed and developing countries from both a human rights and a health perspective. Despite, the increased availability and awareness of contraceptive methods, significant proportions of pregnancies are ‘mistimed’ or ‘unwanted’ in developed and developing countries. Based on data from the 2006 Palestinian Family Health Survey, about 40% of pregnant women reported that their pregnancy was either ‘mistimed’ or ‘unwanted’. This paper utilizes data from the PFHS and a survey of women that reported pregnant in the 2006 PFHS in order to draw some light on pregnancy wanted-ness. Various factors associated with unintended pregnancies (mistimed and unwanted) are explored.

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Presented in Poster Session 1: Reproductive health, HIV-AIDS, poverty and gender