Influence of migration on future demographic development of the Czech Republic

Jitka Langhamrova, University of Economics , Prague (VSE)
Tomas Fiala, University of Economics , Prague (VSE)
Jindrich Klufa, University of Economics , Prague (VSE)

One of the phenomena increasingly discussed recently is the ageing of the population. Some people are of the opinion that the decline in population and the consequences of the ageing of the population may be eliminated by immigration from abroad. While preserving the net migration at the level of the beginning of this century there is no threat of a decline in the population in the next few decades in the Czech Republic; on the contrary, there would be an in-crease in numbers. The ageing of the population would, however, continue; immigration does not prevent this, it only more or less moderates it. In order for the average age not to rise the annual net migration would have to be in the amount of hundreds of thousands, later even millions, which is completely unrealistic.

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Presented in Poster Session 3: Migration, environment and spatial demography