Injury surveillance system in Bangladesh: a new approach

Sheikh M. Giashuddin, Jagannath University
AKM Fazlur Rahman, Center for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh (CIPRB)
Aminur Rahman, Center for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh (CIPRB)

The objective of the Injury Surveillance System (ISS) is to identify groups at risk for injury-related deaths, illnesses, hospitalization and cost due to injury. Three sub-districts are chosen for the ISS. The data collector collects data every month from each household on a fixed schedule 60-70 households on their assigned block. The surveillance system comprises a total of 133913 households with 621320 populations. The overall crude birth rate and death rate is about 19.7 and 6.2 per thousand populations. Injury accounted for 9.2 percent of all deaths. Among 1-4 years children, 27.4% death accounted for injury and the rate was 82.4 per 100000 children. Drowning, road traffic accident, violence and burn are the main causes of injury death after infancy. Almost 26% of ill patient were injured who admitted to hospital. The proportion of hospital admission was significantly (p<0.001) higher due to injury after first year of life.

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Presented in Poster Session 4: Health and ageing