Early childbearing and household well-being among adolescent mothers in metropolitan Lagos

Gbemiga E. Adeyemi, Lagos State University

Adolescent sexual activity and child bearing had transcended the physical and physiological health of individual; it has become a robust indicator of the level of social development and well-being within the society. The study therefore examines the impact of early child-bearing on the well-being of the adolescent mothers. The study was carried out in Lagos State. Purposive and multi-stage random sampling procedures were employed in administration of 298 questionnaires to the adolescent mothers. Focus Group Discussions and In-depth interview were also conducted to collect additional information from the sampled population. The study found out that half of the adolescent mothers are living below the poverty level. In addition to poor socio-economic background, early childbearing has an impact on the economic status of adolescents by affecting employment opportunities. The study suggests that adolescent must be provided with viable educational and economic opportunities combined with solid family and social support systems

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Presented in Poster Session 1: Reproductive health, HIV-AIDS, poverty and gender