Factors affecting mental health status of the abortion clients' in India: a facility-based study

Paramita Dutta, Research & Doccumentation Manager, Global Fund, Round -7, Counselling Sub-Component

In India, abortion is permissible, on the ground of mental health of women. This study aims to deal with mental health status of the clients seeking abortion in the context of their physical, social and psychological background. The study is carried out with primary data collected from 235 MTP clients visiting three medical health facilities in Kolkata city, India in 2004. Bivariate analysis finds that mental stress level is comparatively higher among the clients before getting the actual abortion service. After getting actual service most of women feel relieved. However, after controlling the effect of other factors in multivariate analysis it has been observed that duration of pregnancy and women’s satisfaction about the service they received have most significant impact on their mental health status. Further, household standard of living has a significant positive impact on the mental health status of the women whereas; spousal unemployment has significant negative impact.

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Presented in Poster Session 1: Reproductive health, HIV-AIDS, poverty and gender