Causes and consequences of abortion among university undergraduates in Nigeria

Elias O. Wahab, Lagos State University

In Nigeria, out of 5 million pregnancies, it is pathetic that 54,000 result into induced abortion. This study aims at understanding the causes and consequences of abortion among adolescents. Data was collected through individual-based questionnaire and multi-stage sampling procedure was used to select undergraduate students for the study. In all, 187 respondents were interviewed. Chi-square was used to determine the effects of the explanatory factors on abortion. This was complemented with 10 IDIs. The data reveal that unmarried adolescent girls are more prone to abortion than the married women (85%). It also found out that contraceptive use has helped in the reduction of unwanted pregnancy and invariably abortion. Education, religion, age and marital status are related to abortion. The study therefore concludes that there should be the introduction of sex education in secondary schools to stem the tide of abortion.

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Presented in Poster Session 1: Reproductive health, HIV-AIDS, poverty and gender