School and disability: inclusion in the Italian regions

Giordana Baldassarre, Instituto Nazionale di Statistica (ISTAT)
Paola Muccitelli, Instituto Nazionale di Statistica (ISTAT)

The goal of this project is to study the levels of scholastic inclusion of students with disabilities in Italy. The data used was from the total survey of the Ministry of Public Education conducted in the public and private schools relative to the 2006/2007 scholastic year. The exploration of the phenomenon with Cluster Analysis should permit the partition of the scholastic system in a way that the schools with similar characteristics in terms of inclusion of the disabled students are clustered. The territorial approach was privileged, in order to explore the presence of similar experiences of scholastic inclusion of disabled students between the Italian regions. In the Pre-primary and Primary level the cluster with positive inclusion gathers the Southern Regions (Molise, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata Calabria, Sicilia e Sardegna). In the Lower and Upper Secondary level there is just one Region (Valle d’Aosta) in the cluster with positive inclusion.

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Presented in Poster Session 4: Health and ageing