International couples and national regulations: marriage-migration and influence of social networks

Isik Kulu Glasgow, Dutch Ministry of Justice (WODC)

Since November 2004 the Dutch government requires from its residents who want to 'import' a partner that they should earn at least 120% of the minimum loan (before that date this figure was 100%) and that both partners should be at least 21 years old (this limit was 18 years before November 2004). By increasing the income and age limit the government expected to limit the immigration of migrant groups with a disadvantage in integration and at the same time contribute to the integration of migrants from these groups. Fifty interviews have been held with residents of Moroccan, Turkish and native Dutch origin who recently ‘imported’ a partner. The presentation gives answers to questions like what type of ‘strategies’ do these couples apply to get around the new income and age restrictions, what is the influence of their social networks on these ‘strategies’?

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Presented in Poster Session 3: Migration, environment and spatial demography