Impact of population expansion on environment and climate in India

Shadananan K Nair, Nansen Environmental Research Centre (India)

Minimising the impacts of growing population on the environment, and providing basic facilities to all are major challenges in India. Growing population has serious impact on the securities in food, water and energy and on the environment. Impact of population expansion is reflected in local climate and climate change leads to the migration of population. Massive migration is expected from the coastal zones and sub-Himalayan region in the coming decades. The polices, acts and regulations for the control of rising population and migration, and for the degradation of environment become farce due to various socio-economic and political reasons. This paper is a comprehensive assessment of the impact of population growth on climate, environment and natural resources and also on the impact of climate change on the population in India, using data and information from Government agencies and model. Current policies and strategies have been critically reviewed to suggest modifications.

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Presented in Poster Session 3: Migration, environment and spatial demography