MERCOSUR and information on migrant issues

Celeste María Castiglione, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Laura A. Gottero, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Romina Caldera, Universidad de Buenos Aires

In this paper it will be studied the informative treatment observed in the discourse of national journalistic sources -from Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay- and provincials ones– from Argentina- on the basis of the residence treatment of natives from the countries above-named (2002) and the approval of the new Argentinian Law of Migration, (2004). The identified discoursive constructions, which constitute our corpus, will be related to the social formation which leaves its mark on the product with actancial and ideological structures. The media -in this case the written press- is part of the competition with the State, to provide information and narration tools for a reader that puts the journalistic contents into circulation. In this fight for the imposition of meanings, the discourses of the media and political elites centralize the manipulation of the power and set trends which contribute to the discrimination of migrants.

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Presented in Poster Session 5: Contexts