The impact of religion, social and cultural understanding on gender segregation

Lukmanul Hakim, Independent Consultant
Sri H. Rachmad, BPS Statistics Indonesia

Abstract This paper is observing an impact of religious understanding of the people on the attitude of culture and religion in Indonesian society’s life; and will show that gender segregation in society has been much influenced by the understanding of the people on the religion, social and culture. The result is aimed to be a main source for the government policy based on gender equity and equality. Data sources are based on primary and secondary such as IDHS 2002/2003 (Indonesia Demographic and Health Survey), population census 2000, and other literature on religion and culture. Therefore, the variable to be analyzed in this paper will consist of: a) The concept of religion on the position of men and women; b) The concept of culture and the position of men and women; c) Peoples understanding on the concept; d) Practical culture in society based on local belief and religion.

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Presented in Poster Session 5: Contexts