Exploring the population-environment nexus: understanding climate change, environmental degradation and migration in Bangladesh

Vigya Sharma, University of Adelaide
Graeme J. Hugo, University of Adelaide

As one of the most densely populated countries in the world, Bangladesh is expected to face multiple stresses from various environmental disturbances, particularly those which can be both directly and indirectly attributed to changes in local and regional climatic conditions. This paper begins by exploring the link between climate change and population displacement. It then examines climate change impacts currently being experienced in Bangladesh and resulting present and future social, economic and environmental vulnerabilities. This is followed by a review of the region's past trends of population movement as a result of environmental degradation and climatic disturbances. In doing so, it identifies a number of ‘hot spots’ in and around the country where the impact of climate change is most likely to lead to population displacement. The findings are expected to contribute knowledge towards improved regional and sub-regional cooperation to guide policymaking for enhanced social, economic and institutional sustainability.

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Presented in Session 170: Interrelations between population and climate change