Mortality and epidemiological transition in Bangladesh: the experiences in 20th century

Mohammad Mainul Islam, University of Dhaka

This study aims to examine the mortality and epidemiologic transition in Bangladesh, where detailed studies are not well documented but significant decline in fertility and mortality have been achieved at a rather low level of income in late 20th century where the country got independence in 1971. With the application of time-series, cross sectional analyses and model life tables for the period of 1974 to 2000 by using the nationally representative data this study will investigate the patterns, levels and trends of mortality and morbidity and the causes of death. Factors involved in the transitions and inequalities within the subgroups of population will be explored. In addition author’s own fieldwork -a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods will be referred for health transition at grassroots level. This study will help to understand the process of experienced transitions in late 20th century with the identification of the changes and the causes.

Presented in Poster Session 4: Health and ageing