Obtaining a more refined standardized measure of fertility using the Non-Reproductive Life Table

Mathada Sivamurthy, Applied Statistics Research Centre, Bangalore-560094(India)
Chetna M. Sivamurthy, Applied Statistics Research Centre

It is welknown that, among the measures of fertility, only TFR (Total Fertility Rate) is the refined standardized measure. While TFR reflects well changes in fertility level, it does not reflect changes in age pattern of fertility. This paper attempts to present a new measure named ICB (Intensity of Child Bearing) using the Non-Reproductive Life Table(NRLT), which can reflect changes both in the level and in the age pattern of fertility (comparable to e(0) in mortality). The NRLT also yields Three more indexes – UPWNR(Ultimate Proportion of Women Not Reproducing), AFB (Average Age at First Birth), and ALB (Average Age at Last Birth) – which are standardized indexes useful for comparing fertility situations. A Supplementary Table is prepared which gives standardized measures of Parity Progression and Closed Birth Intervals. Numerical illustrations are given by selecting some countries around the World and a few time points.

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Presented in Poster Session 2: Fertility, family and children