Reproductive right's permission and transaction: on China's future population policy

Xu Jian, Dalian Population and Family Planning Committee

China's population one-child policy causes lots of social and economic problems as instant aging, unfair human rights, sex ratio increasing, etc. New policy should be considered as the next 5-year-plan coming soon. Just as property right and trading system of sewage drainage, China government can endow everyone a license to bear a child, thus on average every family can have two children, and theoretically, the birth rate can reach 2.0 and realizes replacement level. This is a feasible plan after 30-year one-child policy. Those whose bearing will less than 2 can sell the license, or hold it to support population control as once China policy asked. Those whose bearing wish more than 2 can buy license and bear. Thus, under the stable total population, more bearing wish could be fulfilled. It's fair than existing policy and it's Pareto improvement.

Presented in Poster Session 5: Contexts