Potential internal brain drain of scientists in Slovenia

Milena Bevc, Institute for Economic Research, Ljubljana
Sonja Ursic, Institute for Economic Research, Ljubljana

This paper presents the methodology and the results of the analysis of potential internal mobility of Slovene scientists (researchers with master’s and doctoral degree) and their potential internal brain drain in 2005 compared to the mid-1990s. By the internal mobility we consider the change of employment within the country and by internal brain drain the movement of scientists from the science sector to other sectors within the country. We estimate the extent, the reasons, motives and characteristics of internal mobility and brain drain. The main source of data is survey of researchers conducted in the science sector, using random sampling and very large sample. The results indicate that in the mid-way mark of the current decade 10% of the respondents are determined to change their employment (the same proportion as in 1995) within the country, and that a quarter of them represent the potential internal brain drain.

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Presented in Poster Session 3: Migration, environment and spatial demography