Socio-demographic analyses of suicidal attitudes of young women in Kermanshah, an Iranian province

Ali Ayaseh, Shiraz University
Sajede Vaezzade, Jahad-e Daneshgahi University

Suicide among Kermanshah women is a major public health problem. During the past three decades, suicide has come to play a proportionately larger role in women deaths. The purpose of this paper is to identify risky factors related to suicidal attitude in a community of women at ages 15-45 in Kermanshah province. Data gathered from 1035 people. It was found that suicidal attitude of women is a combination of egoestic-fatalistic and fatalistic suicidal behavior. From the egoistic-fatalistic point of view, our results confirm some popular assumptions about the relationship between family violence, family integration and suicidal attitude. From the fatalistic point of view, in a society where norms and values are the highest virtues, there are indeed powerful social pressures (prohibition toward women) lying behind the suicide ideation.

Presented in Poster Session 4: Health and ageing