Anemia testing in men: indications from the silently vulnerable?

Avril Armstrong, Macro International Inc.

For decades, efforts to understand and control anemia have focused on women and children. Little is known about the etiology of anemia in adult men age 15-59 years in resource poor nations. Recent data from demographic health surveys (DHS) report high anemia prevalence rates among men (> 10%) in 3 countries in Africa and Asia. How can these data inform public health actions? In this analysis we use 2006 Indian DHS data to describe anemia prevalence and associated risk factors in men. Logistic regression analysis will be used to evaluate potential associations. Further, we use compare hemoglobin distributions of Indian men to a reference standard to further clarify the etiology of anemia in men. Anemia is a problem for men in some resource poor countries. As an integral part of the family unit, global efforts to understand and control anemia should expand to include adult men.

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Presented in Poster Session 4: Health and ageing