The spatial clustering of immigrant population in Greece

Anastasia Kostaki, Athens University of Economics and Business
Byron Kotzmanis, University of Thessaly
Demetris Stathakis, University of Thessaly

This work, based on the exploitation of the last census micro data concerning the immigrants (763.000 individual records) utilizes GIS and statistical clustering techniques, in order to examine the impact of immigration on the population size and the demographic structure of the Greek municipalities (1100 units). In that, homogenous groups of municipalities are defined and and spatial patterns are highlighted, differentiated according to the nationality composition of the immigrant population, and the severity of the impact of immigrants on the size, the age and sex distribution of the population as a total, the active population, the ageing population, the female population of reproductive age and the pres-school age population.

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Presented in Poster Session 3: Migration, environment and spatial demography