Strength and weakness to constructing sampling frame of child labour survey: evidence based on national labour household survey

Sri H. Rachmad, BPS Statistics Indonesia

Population-sample survey such as Child Labour Survey (CLS) which requires a specific approach and solution to sample design in order to fulfill an available data on Children’s Worker/Labour and Working Children in all forms and sectors at national level is very important . The sampling frame of Child Labour Survey which started and derived from the Indonesian National Labour Force Survey (INLFS) in August 2007 has facilitated for conducting the National CLS in February 2008. The boundaries of sampling frame was children in ‘aged range 5-17 year and working’ without included any other conditional for segregation based on the child labour’s nature. This CLS sampling limitation was attached in the INLFS selected sample and applied in the listing of Households. The experience on how doing and overcome the problem CLS included result based on its frame will be discussed in this paper associated with Indonesia’s geographic characteristic and cultural demography.

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Presented in Poster Session 5: Contexts