Migration and co-development

Ahmed Farag Hamed, American University in Cairo

This paper will focus on the migration of highly skilled workers and its effect on economic development in Africa. The paper will begin with a theoretical review of the effects of education on economic development. It will examine the theory of migration, and how migration can add to country's economic development. "Case Study: South Africa, India, Romania and Turkish" Will analyze the Following, 1. I will analyze the structure of "one of the above examples" labor market as essential to fully understand the impacts of migration on development. 3. How could we create a global dialog between developed and developing countries? Is the main focus should be on the practical experiences from the sending countries. 4. Analyze the using of terminology such as: “home countries” and “host countries”, The question is could we have a clear view of the immigration issue if we keep thinking and speaking in such terms as “host countries”!

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Presented in Poster Session 3: Migration, environment and spatial demography