Assessing the housing characteristics of the households on the basis of having at least one international migrant member or none

Yadigar Coskun, Hacettepe University
Ahmet Sinan Turkyilmaz, Hacettepe University

At 1990 and 2000 censuses of Turkey, to estimate the magnitude of international migrants from Turkey indirectly the question: "How many members of this household who are not in the house now are a) in the country? b) abroad?" is asked to every household head. Using this data, and assuming that the people who are in abroad in the census day but reported as part of the households in Turkey as migrants, the number of emigrants could be estimated. At this study, a comparison the household characteristics and housing conditions are going to be done between the households having at least one member abroad and households all members are at the dwelling at the time of censuses are going to be studied.

Presented in Poster Session 3: Migration, environment and spatial demography