Characteristics of the recourse to induced abortion in Burkina Faso

Idrissa Kabore, Institut Superieur des Sciences de la Population (ISSP)

Despite being illegal, induced abortion is frequently practiced in Burkina Faso, especially in urban areas. In a nationally representative community-based survey of about 2000 women of reproductive age (15-49), we collected data on the respondents’ own abortions, the abortions of their close relations, and their attitudes towards this practice. This data allows us to undertake the first ever national examination of the normative context of abortion seeking in Burkina, including the characteristics of women having abortions, the reasons mentionned for it (self-reported abortions only), the condition under which the procedure is performed (providers, methods used, costs and gestational age) and the nature of complications from unsafe abortions). We will examine disparities in the conditions under which women obtain abortion by age, region, place of residence and women’s other characteristics. The implications of the findings for women, their family and the society and ways to alleviate the consequences will be discussed.

Presented in Poster Session 1: Reproductive health, HIV-AIDS, poverty and gender